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Life is better with dogs. There’s no comparison to seeing their adorable faces first thing in the morning or their utter joy anytime you show them some love. Your dog is part of the family, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. But part of owning a dog is accepting that your house won’t be the same as it once was.

With any dog comes dog odour. But thankfully, there are plenty of ways to keep your home clean and odours at bay. We’ve explored our top tips for keeping your house smelling fresh with dogs to eliminate any dog smells.

1. Vacuum floors and carpets.

Dog hair, dirt and debris can make carpets and rugs smelly. Vacuuming is the number one way to keep your carpets and floors clean and eliminate the causes of those nasty odours. Some dogs will shed more than others but keep your carpets fur-free by vacuuming at least once a week.

2. Mop hard floors.

Laminate wood and tile floors are usually easier to keep clean. But without a regular deep clean, dirt and spills can become trapped. Over time any bacteria will cause nasty odours. Depending on your dog’s behaviour and lifestyle, aim to mop your floors every one to two weeks. A pet-friendly floor cleaner will remove germs without risking your dog’s health. Some chemical-based floor cleaners can be harmful to your dog, but a natural floor cleaner like ours will work wonders without the need for toxins or irritants.

dog sitting next to mop

3. Remove stains as they happen.

Cleaning up accidents as they happen will help to remove stains and foul odours. Anything from muddy paw prints to water bowl spills can stop your house from smelling fresh. Use an odour neutralising stain remover to clean stains and eliminate dog odours. Our pet stain and odour remover is a must-have for removing stubborn stains quickly – just spritz and wipe away.

4. Prevent little accidents.

Preventing accidents might be easier said than done, especially with naughty pups. But there are a few quick and easy ways to reduce mess and keep those smells away, such as:

  • Wipe your dog’s feet when they enter the house
  • Use a feeding mat to catch food and spills
  • Apply anti-urine spray to prevent peeing in the house

5. Shampoo your carpets and rugs.

Sometimes no matter what you do, dirt and grime can sink into your carpets or rugs. And germs trapped deep in the fibres will cause nasty smells. Shampooing your carpets may sound extreme, but it’s a great way to eliminate dirt and odour and breathe new life into old floors. Cleaning your carpets with a specialist shampoo three to four times per year will stop your house from smelling of dog. Our pet-friendly carpet shampoo is 100% natural and entirely safe to use around your dog.

6. Groom your dog.

french bulldog in bath

image: the adorable @brucewrld_frenchieadventures using our natural dog shampoo and conditioner.

Keeping your dog clean and fresh is essential for a beautiful smelling home. A wonderful smelling dog starts with a regular brushing and bathing to remove dirt and odour causing bacteria. But it’s just as vital that you keep them as clean as possible between baths. Read our recent post about how to make your dog smell good without a bath for all our tips and tricks to keeping them smelling fresher for longer. Explore our dog grooming collection to ensure your dog smells amazing.

7. Machine wash your dog’s bedding.

Your dog’s bed is one of the dirtiest areas in your home. Or it can be if you don’t wash their bedding regularly. Without a regular clean, your dog’s bed will be filled with bacteria and potentially parasites. So, prevent any nasty odours by machine washing your dog’s bed and any blankets every one to two weeks.

 8. Keep toys clean.

Much like your dog’s bedding, their toys are full of bacteria and even mould. While the risk to your dog’s health is likely tiny, there’s an added incentive for keeping dog toys clean aside from the nasty smell. Keep soft toys clean by washing them regularly in the washing machine, separate from your other laundry.

 9. Protect your furniture with blankets.

beagle yawning on blankets

One way to keep your furniture smelling fresh would be to keep your dog off the sofa. But we know first-hand that’s probably not going to happen. So, use blankets and throws to keep your upholstery and soft furnishings from smelling of dog. Blankets and throws will protect your furniture from most dirt, debris, and dog hair. Simply shake them outside every day or two and machine wash them every one to two weeks, depending on your dog.

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10. Let in some fresh air.

Finally, keeping your home ventilated naturally will prevent unpleasant dog odour and keep your home smelling fresh. When you’re at home, and when the weather allows, opening your windows and doors will let in the fresh air. Not only does opening a window remove stuffy smells, but it can clear your home of indoor pollutants trapped indoors. So, fresh air in the house doesn’t just smell lovely; it’s better for your health. 

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