When will my items arrive ?

All U.K. orders will be shipped out next day and delivered within 2 days with a tracking number

Why should I use cruelty free products?

In short, “cruelty-free” simply means that a product and its ingredients are not tested on animals. We take it a step further and verify that neither ourselves or our suppliers conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for their ingredients, formulations, or finished products anywhere in the world and it is our promise to you that we will not do this in the future either.

Can I use Cooper & Gracie products on my puppy?

Yes sure you can, many people use our cruelty free range on their puppies to great effect.

What if my dog licks balm off?

Licking off a product is a common small problem that is easily fixed with a little care.

Our products are totally safe to be licked off however ideally we want the product to stay on your dog for at least a few short minutes in order for it to do its job properly.

With this is mind all our products are designed to be super highly absorbing. With a gentle massage they will be absorbed into the dogs skin/paws/nose in no time at all.

If you have a dog that just loves to lick then we do recommend the following:

  1. Distraction with a favourite treat or toy. This technique done just for a few minutes whilst you massage the treatment in is very effective.
  1. A cone collar applied for a very short while whilst treatment is applied (Roughly 10 minutes) will really help to stop them being able to lick treatments off
What are paw or nose balms recommended for?
  • Dry, Chapped, Rough skin
  • Peeling & Cracked Paws
  • Hyperkeratosis of the Paw
  • Paw Allergies
  • Shiny Show Dog Paws
  • Extreme Weather Conditions
  • Fading scars
  • Dry Elbows
  • Dry Skin around the face, lips and ears
  • Windburn Prevention
  • Prevents snow and ice clumps building up in paws
  • General grooming and skin maintanence
  • Sun protection
  • Heat protection
  • Antibacterial and Antifungal Protection
  • Antiviral Protection
  • Disinfecting paws
  • Cleaning protection
How often should I apply balms?

Our balm can be used multiple times a day. Generally for more serious cases of dry and cracked skin 3-5x a day for a 7day period is recommended. Positive results are often reported to be seen within just a few days.

The balm is often used for daily applications to protect and maintain your dogs paws and skin in various weather and environmental conditions.

Can balms be used on cats, horses, or other animals?

We specifically designed this range for dogs in mind.

Only the optimum purity of essential oil blends and PH balance is used in every single product.

We take great care to get our blends perfect for dogs.

Our aim is to have absolute certainty that we are giving the best possible treatments to you as a customer and for your dog. To do this we decided to make specific ranges for each individual and unique animal and for best results we advise to use the products only for the stated animals intended. In this case.

For best results only use on dogs.

How often should I bath my dog?

We find that customers get great long lasting results from our products however we advise a wash directly after if you feel your puppy or dog has been at risk of being in contact with pests such as fleas, ticks or mites etc or if they simply have a tendency to love the mud or mucky stuff!

Often for routine maintenance customers will wash a dog 1x a week minimum with extra mucky weeks more often.

Our products are 100% Cruelty free and always will be, safe to wash out in to the ground outside and for multiple applications when needed.

Will shampoo kill fleas and ticks?

Yes any treatments that are specifically designed to combat this issue will do exactly that. You must allow the shampoo to cover all areas of your dog affected and leave on for a few minutes to do its job.

Due to the nature of pest related problems in dogs it is highly advised that you find the source of the infestation and use a suitable product to treat that area when needed.

Rest assured the products we create specifically for this issue on dogs will work very well every time. It is up to you to find out other places around the house or to advise other dog owners on good pest hygiene!

Our products are 100% Cruelty free and always will be, safe to wash out in to the ground outside and for multiple applications when needed.

Do you have a guarantee on your products?

Yes of course! We guarantee your satisfaction completely and have a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with a 12 month warranty.

Shelf life?

Essential oils actually get better with age