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Baths are an essential part of your dog’s grooming routine. A good bath not only keeps your dog’s fur clean and fresh but it helps to promote a healthy, nourished coat and skin. But what can you do between baths to make your dog smell good?

We’ve explored how to make your dog smell good without a bath, from grooming and hygiene tips to the top products to keep them smelling and feeling fresh.

How to Make Your Dog Smell Good Naturally

Bathing is the number one way to make your dog smell nice, but we don't recommend bathing them every day. Bathing too frequently can upset the balance of natural oils on your dog's skin and coat, which can cause dry and itchy skin. But without one, it can be tricky to keep your dog smelling good.

Muddy walks, rough and tumble in the garden, and rainy days can all contribute to that wet dog smell. Here are some top tips to make your dog smell fresher for longer:

Remove dirt with regular brushing.

Brushing and combing your dog’s fur will help keep their coat clean. Brushing through the fur not only removes dirt, debris, and loose hair. It also helps to evenly distribute natural oils throughout your dog’s coat and skin, leaving it shiny and healthy.

Wash muddy paws after walks.

While a bath isn’t always best for your dog, you can keep their paws clean. Fill a bowl with lukewarm water and gently massage their feet to remove any mud or grit. Washing muddy paws eliminates yeast and bacteria, which can cause foul odour and irritation.

Keep bedding clean and fresh.

dog in grey bed with plants

Your dog’s bed can harbour all kinds of germs and bacteria, so it’s no surprise it can get pretty smelly. So it’s best to wash your dog’s bedding regularly to keep it clean and fresh. Always opt for a machine washable bed and spruce it up with a bed freshening spray between washes (coming soon to C&G!).

Clean the coat with dry shampoo.

dry dog shampoo

For extra smelly dogs, dry shampoo is an easy alternative to clean away dirt and neutralise nasty odours. It’s perfect for those moments when you think only a bath will do the job! Our 100% natural dry shampoo will refresh your dog’s coat after wet or muddy walks, leaving it soft, shiny, and smelling sweet.

Eliminate odours with deodorising spray.

dog deodorant spray

If your dog loves swimming or long walks in the rain, you’ll be familiar with their wet dog smell. It’s often caused by their fur not drying quickly enough, so long-haired breeds can get pongier. A quick spritz of our wet dog deodorant spray will eliminate bad odours instantly. It’s made with 100% natural ingredients to condition the coat and leave it smelling fresher for longer.

Freshen up with dog perfume.

Unfortunately, that just groomed smell doesn’t last long. And your dog doesn’t have to be muddy to have a doggy smell. Dog perfume is ideal for instant delicious smelling freshness. Whether you’re taking your pup out for a meal or a day with the family, dog perfume will remove even the smelliest odours.

dog perfume

Choose our pupreme dog spray with 100% natural citrus, tea tree and avocado. Or choose our spearmint perfume spray, with its all-natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal ingredients.

Maintain healthy ears with ear cleaner.

Smelly ears are a common problem, especially for dogs with long, fluffy ears. The unpleasant smell is usually caused by yeast which can build up if your dog’s ears are wet or dirty. Fungus and bacteria are easily preventable by keeping your dog’s ears clean with a natural ear cleaner. Our ear cleaner contains anti-viral and anti-fungal ingredients to get rid of dirt and ear wax.

You can keep your dog smelling good between baths with our range of natural grooming products. From conditioning sprays to dog deodorants and colognes, we’ve got everything you need for a clean, fresh-smelling pup.

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