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The warm, sunny weather is a great excuse to get out and explore the outdoors with your dog. But whether you’re away on holiday or looking for some dog-friendly summer activities closer to home, always be cautious in the heat. We’ve explored some of our favourite summer activities for dogs to keep them entertained and have some fun. All while keeping them cool, comfortable, and hydrated, of course!

What temperature is too hot for dogs?

brown labrador laying on grass

Before we get to the fun stuff, how hot is too hot for dogs? Different breeds cope with the heat differently. For example, shorter faced breeds struggle with panting, which means they can’t regulate their body temperature. So, be extra careful with frenchies, pugs and the like, but here are the typical temperatures to be aware of when outdoors with your dog:

  • 12-15°c – perfect for dog walking
  • 16-19°c – very low risk of heatstroke, but keep an eye on your Frenchie!
  • 20-23°c – medium risk of heatstroke with too much exercise, so don’t over-work your pup
  • 24-27°c – high risk of heatstroke, so keep your dog indoors/in the shade during the hottest times of the day to keep them cool
  • 28°c+ – dangerously hot for all dogs, so encourage them to stay calm, cool and hydrated throughout the day

Dog-friendly summer activities

While the summer dog activities you choose will be dependent on the weather, there are lots of fun things you can do with your dog to keep them active. But these activities aren’t just for them. Spending time with your dog is ideal to relax, recharge, and bond with your beloved pup. So, here are some of our favourites, suitable for the often unpredictable British weather.

Hiking in the UK’s national parks

Did you know there are 15 national parks in the UK? There are over 6,000 square miles of stunning countryside to explore from the South Downs to the Cairngorms. Who needs a holiday overseas when there’s that much to see right on our doorsteps? If you can make it to one of our national parks, your dog is bound to love exploring new sights and sniffing out new scents. A hike will not only keep your dog physically active but being in a new environment will keep them mentally stimulated for a happy, healthy dog.

german shepherd on hills

Dog-friendly day at the beach

On a sunny day, a trip to the beach will allow your dog to exercise freely without overheating. The fresh sea air and a paddle in the waves will keep them cooler for longer. Dogs cool down through their paws, so exploring rock pools and running in and out of the water isn’t just fun; it’s good for them too! If you’re unsure where to go, check out this handy list of the best dog-friendly beaches from The Blue Cross.

Pampering with an at-home spa treatment

For a more relaxed day for you and your dog, treat them with an at-home spa treatment. A soothing bath is the perfect opportunity to spoil tired or stressed-out pups. Start with our calming lavender and oatmeal shampoo and conditioner to nourish your dog’s coat and aid any anxieties.

To ensure your dog enjoys their pamper as much as you, follow these top tips:

  • brush them before bathing to get rid of knots and tangles
  • use lukewarm or cool water
  • bathe them outside to stimulate their senses
  • include tasty treats or their favourite toy
  • pat them dry with a towel

No at-home spa treatment is complete without our customer favourites, including lavender and oatmeal shampoo, grooming spray, paw and nose balm. Don’t forget to finish off with a spritz of citrus and chamomile calming spray for the ultimate pamper.

shihtzu cross dog wearing shower cap

Image: the beautiful @bigboyarchie_ being pampered with his C&G shampoo!

Teach your pup some new tricks

Despite the saying, it’s never too late to teach your dog some new tricks. And not only is training a great way to instil some obedience, it’s also a fun way to bond with your beloved dog. Giving your dog a chance to earn rewards for good behaviour builds trust, as well as the physical benefits of balance and endurance. In addition, learning new tricks is a fun way to boost concentration and keep them active both physically and mentally. So, why not give it a go?

Swimming in your local river or lakes

Joining in is optional, but your dog will benefit from a dip in your local river or lake. Much like a trip to the beach, the water will keep your dog cooler than a run. Why walk in the summer heat when you can swim instead? But swimming is also one of the best forms of exercise due to the resistance in the water. A quick swim will strengthen your dog’s joints, heart and lungs like nothing else. It’s also a great stress-reducer, keeping your pup relaxed, happy and ready for a long snooze. 

Whatever dog-friendly summer activities you choose, don’t forget to protect your dog from heat stroke and sunburn. Here at Cooper and Gracie, our natural products are designed to protect and nurture your pup, including:

Paw and nose balm – our non-slip formula provides a barrier against hot surfaces, like concrete and sand. Apply to hotspots and itchy skin to aid discomfort and nourish sensitive skin.

Anti-bacterial cream with SPF 50 – our anti-bac cream protects sensitive areas like your dog’s ears, nose, or belly from sunburn. It’s also cooling to soothe sunburn and itchy insect bites.

Aloe vera gel – our 100% pure aloe vera soothes itchy skin conditions caused by allergens, insect bites and stings, sunburn, and heat rash.

Explore our paw and skincare collection for nourished, healthy skin this summer: