Sustainability Series: Our Commitment to Global Sustainability - Cooper & Gracie™ Limited

Cooper and Gracie was set up with sustainability in mind from the very start. Our founder Craig had a mission to help pets and their owners by offering 100% natural and cruelty-free products. Our ‘Sustainability Series’ will take you through some of our key activities to help make the world a better place - for both you and your animals.

Sustainability is a term used a lot. But what does it really mean? Sustainability can be defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. Sustainable businesses address the three core ‘pillars’ of sustainability: economic, social and environmental. Our Sustainability Series will explore various topics, including climate change, plastic packaging, animal testing, modern slavery, and the local economy.

girl sitting in front of scotland lake and hillsAt Cooper and Gracie, we’re committed to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals cover global topics across each of the three pillars of sustainability, including eliminating global hunger and improving human health, protecting the environment, and demanding social justice and equality. By using the UN Sustainable Development Goals as a framework, we’re helping to achieve these global goals and make our world a better place for us all.

Being socially responsible is at the heart of what we do. Over the coming weeks, we’ll be going into more detail on some of our sustainable, socially responsible activities. To find out more about some of our sustainability activities, read our brand story. Check back for more in our Sustainability Series, where we’ll talk about some of the exciting work we’re doing to provide you with socially responsible and cruelty-free products.

Written in collaboration with GB Sustainability