Sustainability Series: Forever Against Animal Testing - Cooper & Gracie™ Limited

Our founder Craig set up Cooper and Gracie to give animals a better life, which is why we never use animal testing for any of our products.

In Britain alone, Cruelty-Free International estimates that over 1.7 million animals were used for experiments, including testing ingredients used in household products. Worryingly, the UK now performs more animal experiments than any other country in Europe.

European legislation has banned the testing of animals for ingredients in cosmetic products, such as toothpaste and shampoo. But the animal testing of the ingredients for household products is still permitted in the UK. We don’t believe that animals should be used to test any product. Not only does animal testing cause needless suffering, technological advances mean that non-animal alternatives provide more accurate results without the use of animals.

three mice sleepingAt Cooper and Gracie, we believe that all animals deserve the best possible life. We’re committed to providing you with the highest quality products for your pet without causing harm to any other animals. When you use one of our products for your pet or in your home and garden, you can be reassured that there was no animal testing used for the products or ingredients and that there never will be. That’s our animal testing free guarantee.

Our commitment to animal testing free products is part of our wider approach to sustainability. To find out more about our work to be a sustainable and socially responsible business, check out the rest of our Sustainability Series by visiting our blog.

Written in collaboration with GB Sustainability