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      Cooper & Gracie Blog

      Ideas to keep your dog entertained at home in Lockdown

      Ideas to keep your dog entertained at home in Lockdown. 

      Most dog breeds enjoy at least two long walks a day if they are active. Dog walks don’t just keep your dog fit, healthy and their mind simulated but also you, the owner. 

      Our lives have dramatically changed in a very short space of time due to COVID-19 and our dogs are none the wiser, probably wondering why we’ve all become so inactive and not taking them out as much as usual. 

      ideas to keep your pet entertained in lockdown

      We need to keep our dogs' minds stimulated when unable to go out on a regular basis. That’s why we’ve put together some fun ideas to keep your dog (and you) entertained through these difficult and unprecedented times. 

      Plan a Scavenger Hunt

      Dogs love to wander around the perimeter (usually the kitchen) where food sometimes drops off the counter. Dogs can revisit the same spot up to 20 times in one hour just to see if anything else has fallen from the sky. 

      ideas to keep your pet entertained in lockdown

      If you hide small amounts of treats in safe places around the house, it not only stimulates your dog to find the treats initially but they will revisit that area over and over again ‘just in case’ anything else has appeared by magic. This game can keep your dog interested and engaged for hours, and it doesn't require too much effort to set up.  

      Make Homemade Dog Treats 

      Homemade treats for your dog are inexpensive, usually a lot healthier because you know what is going into them and also lots of fun for the whole family to get involved in making and baking.

      ideas to keep your pet entertained in lockdown

      We can assure you, your dog will be by your side the entire time you are making and baking them, and this will be great for their appetite and concentration. 

      We found a great Homemade Peanut Butter Dog Treat recipe by Damn Delicious.net

      You may want to give this a go at home…

      Pamper Session

      All dogs love affection and most enjoy being groomed. When using plant-based products you can make sure your pampered pooch enjoys every minute without being irritated by nasty chemicals. Start with a nice bath, lather up some flea protection shampoo. Complete bath time with a nice spray of our anti bac spray for added protection, then massage in some relaxing paw and nose balm. If you really want to treat your fur baby, pop a few drops of our hemp calming oil on their chest for the ultimate grooming and calming experience. 

      ideas to keep your pet entertained in lockdown

      Ask The Kids To Read A Short Story To Your Dog

      Not only will your dog love it and probably fall asleep listening, but it’s also a great confidence booster for your kids. Reading to dogs has been proven to help kids develop literacy skills, through both the calming effect the dogs' presence has on children and the fact that the dog will listen to the children read without being judgemental or critical.

      ideas to keep your pet entertained in lockdown

      Learn Some Easy Dog Tricks

      Fun for both dog and owner, learning some new tricks at home can be a great way to bond with your dog. From high-five to play dead we found a great educational blog over at ‘Clever Puppy Training’ to help you get started. Click here for the link...

      ideas to keep your pet entertained in lockdown

      Dog TV

      If you have YouTube or Netflix let your dog chillout to some fellow pooches on the TV screen. Some great episodes for your dog to watch are; agility, tricks and playtime. Just make sure they don’t hog the remote for too long or you may not see it again…

      ideas to keep your pet entertained in lockdown

      We’d love to hear from you if you try any of these ideas. Follow us on social media @cooper.gracie.official 

      We hope you, your family and your pets stay well and safe.


      Best Natural Flea & Tick Prevention | Keep Your Dog Safe This Summer

      The Cooper & Gracie journey started from an idea to protect and help pets effectively with natural, plant based remedies. When it comes to fleas, ticks and mites you may think strong chemical based products are the most effective but this is not always the case. Actually, some of the most effective pest repellants are actually 100% natural ingredients and we’ve created the perfect range to cover and protect you dog and home.

      Do you every get nervous about applying harsh chemically based flea killing pest repellants to you pets skin? Wonder if it’s too much and may make you pet ill? Or even your family? It’s horrible seeing your pet irritated by harsh chemicals and smells, when you think it’s the only way to kill fleas and pests. 

      At Cooper & Gracie, we made it our mission to formulate an effective and non-irritant pest repellant that wouldn’t annoy or make your pet feel ill. We also wanted to make sure the range was convenient to use on all dogs, no matter the size or breed. 

      Below, we go into some detail on our Flea, Tick, Bed Bugs, Mites & Mosquito repellants which we recommend, ideal for your dog and home.

      Flea & Tick Shampoo For Dogs With Sensitive, Itchy Skin | 500ml

      The best defence against fleas, ticks and other pests is prevention. Our 100% natural dog shampoo is safe to use on your dog as often as necessary, and is a great defence against fleas and ticks. It also washes away blood sucking pests, flea eggs, larvae and fleas at all stages when washing. We suggest you massages this shampoo deep into you dogs coat so it reaches the skin. It also smells great and doesn’t irritate your dogs skin. The unique formula also leaves a natural layer on the dogs coat so new pests cannot attach, with added shine properties, your dog will look stunning while protected. We suggest you use this flea shampoo along with our flea and tick spray, which you apply after bath time or before walks for the best defence. 

      Click here for more information and to shop our Flea & Tick Shampoo 

      Flea & Tick Spray For Dogs. Natural Pest Protection With Added Professional Conditioner | 500ml

      The most convenient and effect natural flea, tick, grass mites and mosquitos protection with added conditioner on the market. We understand how hard it is to keep on top of pest prevention when walking your beloved pooch everyday, so we knew it was essential to create a convenient pest protection that can be applied regularly between washes. We advise this flea spray to be applied before walks or doggy social occasions for added protection against pests. It also has added conditioner that strengthens and gives a great shine with an additional natural protection, so new pests cannot attach onto the coat. The best shampoo to use alongside this flea stop spray is our flea and tick shampoo. 

      Click here for more information and to shop our Flea & Tick Spray For Dogs 

      House Hold Pest Cleanse, Protection against Fleas, Ticks & Bed Bugs  | 500ML

      When it comes to protecting your home against pests, we understand how serious infestations can spread. Our highly effective, chemical free house hold pest cleanse will protect your home against Fleas, Ticks, Bed Bugs and more. Safe to use around pets and children. We advise that you use this product with one of our pest repellants that can be directly applied to your dog, such as our best selling flea and tick shampoo. This will mean both home and pet will be protected. 

      Use in a well ventilated room, once the first application has been done, top up once a week for added protection and long-lasting effectiveness. 

      Click here for more information and to shop our House Hold Pest Cleanse Spray

      Ear Cleaner For Dogs Anti-fungal, Anti-yeast Anti-bacterial Protection, including Ear Mites.

      It’s horrible to see our beloved dog irritated, especially when it comes to their ears. We have formulated a natural remedy to help soothe and cleanse the inner and outer ear as part of good ear maintenance, our natural ear cleaner for dogs is a great protection against ear mites. Better than harsh chemically based products, this natural ear cleaner doesn’t irritate or cause reactions on the delicate inner ear. Once good ear maintenance is regularly being administered with our dog ear cleaner, dogs shaking ears will stop.

      Click here for more information and to shop our Ear cleaner For Dogs

      All of our Flea, Tick & Pest Prevention Products are safe to use on Puppies.

      Click here to view the full range.


      Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs and Cats | 12 Ways It WORKS | Cooper & Gracie

      Hemp Seed Oil for Dogs and Cats | 12 Ways It WORKS | Cooper & Gracie

      12 Amazing Reasons to use active Hemp Seed Oil on your Dog and Cat. The spectrum of holistic benefits that stem from Hemp Seed Oil are endless and we can't wait to share with you the benefits of this amazing natural oil. 

      Before we jump into the 12 reasons Active Hemp Oil for pets is great, here’s some interesting facts about Hemp and why our pets bodies respond so well to it… 

      hemp seed

      1. Diet. Hemp seeds provide pets with a nearly perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, which makes it one of the most naturally balanced ways to add Omegas to you pets diet! Our brilliant Hemp Active Oil Supplement is a tasty treat that can be added to your pets food, providing them with the Omega fatty acids they need for an active and healthy life. Click here for more information on our Hemp Active Oil Supplement. 
      1. Anxiety Prevention. Many vets recommend Hemp Seed Oil for pets with anxiety. If your pet is anxious our latest Hemp Anxiety Pet Spray is a blessing for pet owners who want to see their pet stress and anxiety free. Click here for more information on our Anxiety Pet Spray.
      1. Sleep. The calming properties of Active Hemp Seed Oil can aid sleep quality and duration for pets. We suggest trying our Hemp Pet Calming Oil to help with relaxation. Rub a few drops on their chest before they go to sleep and a drop in every corner of their bed to aid a better nights sleep. Click here for more information. 

       hemp for sleep

      1. Immune System. Active Hemp Seed Oil aids the immune system and supports healthy organs and heart health. It contains the minerals zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamins, and a variety of amazing antioxidants. We suggest adding our Hemp Active Oil Supplement to your pets diet to help support a healthy and happy immune system. Click here for more information on our Hemp Active Oil Supplement.  
      1. Blood circulation. Active Hemp seed oil can aid your pets blood circulation and cognitive thinking. We suggest adding our Hemp Active Oil Supplement to you dog or cat’s meals to help with circulation, click here for more details.
      1. Skin. The benefits held within Active Hemp Seed Oil in relation to your pets skin and fur is somewhat miraculous. The oil helps soothe itchy dog skin such as dry noses and itchy paws. We offer some amazing Hemp Seed Oil products that can either be digested or applied directly onto your pets fur and skin. Click here for more information on our Active Hemp Seed oil for pets. 
      1. Joints. Hemp seed oil is a great aid to dog joint care and is commonly used in many dog treats and supplements. Click here for more details on the best Joint Hemp Spray


      1. Stress. There are many reasons your pet can be stressed. The main causes are loneliness and travelling. It’s hard to know what’s best to calm you pet in these situations. Choosing Active Hemp Oil as a stress reliever is a natural and safe way to calm your pet, sometimes instantly with the right application. We recommend either digesting our supplement in meals or directly applying one of our stress reliever sprays or calming oil onto the chest. Click here for more details and discover the best Active Hemp Oil for your pet. 
      1. Taste. Hemp Seed Oil is super tasty and loved by dogs, cats and many animals. Click here for more information.  
      1. Fatty Acids. Fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6 contained within Active Hemp Seed Oil acts as super nutrients. The perfect balance, these two Omegas are crucial for the overall health of your pet. See our full range of Hemp Seed Oil products to help pets, click here for more details. 
      1. Calming. Hemp seed oil is naturally relaxing for dogs . Click here for more details on our pet supplements. 
      1. Gut. Research suggests hemp seed oil is a great ingredient for superb maintenance of your pets gut. Active Hemp Seed Oil suggests amazing results. Click here for more information on our supplements. 

      The positive effects of Active Hemp Seed Oil on our pets can be truly life changing for their well-being and overall health. View our extensive range of supplements, gels, sprays and oils that have all of the above benefits, click here. 
      We would love to know how you get on with our Active Hemp Seed Oils for pets. Feature your before and afters by tagging us on social media. 

      Instagram: @cooper.gracie.official

      Click here to see the C&G Hemp Seed Oil Range.



      12 Days of Christmas A Rescue Dog Re-Homing Mission

      12 Days of Christmas A Rescue Dog Re-Homing Mission

      12 Days of Christmas Re-homing Mission.

      The start of Christmas brings excitement for many and is a special time to spend with family, friends and of course pets!

      Our 12 Days of Christmas mission is about raising awareness for the fantastic charity - Manchester and Cheshire Dogs' Home.

      The home takes in and cares for over 7,000 dogs every year, many of these dogs are never reclaimed by their owners and require a great degree of emotional and physical support during their stay.

      We've held a spotlight on 12 of it's longest residents, in the hopes to help them find a forever home this Christmas.

      Click here to find out more about Manchester and Cheshire Dogs' Home


      Motive really does matter, if your seeing this campaign it’s likely that your an animal lover and recognise instantly the profound affect animals have on our lives.

      If you already own a dog, you'll know how much they change our lives for the better. We believe that every dog deserves love and attention.

      Our #10Millionrescues mission is our wider efforts as a company to help as many dogs, in as many ways as possible. From vaccinations, treatments, food supplies, kennel cleaning products and much more. 

      We believe that life 100% supports more life and that every dog deserves a loving forever home.

      Help our awareness mission this Christmas by sharing and spreading our videos far and wide. All help however small will make a difference!


      Click here to find out more about adopting a dog from Manchester and Cheshire Dogs' Home today