a photograph of a kitten with very vivid eye colour

Kittens, with their adorable and curious nature, often captivate our hearts with their striking features, including their mesmerising eyes. But have you ever wondered when and why their eye colour changes? Understanding this process not only adds to the charm of kittenhood but also helps ensure their overall health and well-being.

The Development of Kitten Eyes

Birth Stage

At birth, kittens are born with their eyes closed and sealed shut with a delicate membrane to protect their developing eyes from light and debris. Their eyes appear a cloudy blue colour due to the immature pigmentation of the iris.

Transitional Stage

Around the age of one to two weeks, kittens begin to slowly open their eyes, revealing a glimpse of their surroundings. Initially, their eyes may appear blue-grey or even dark blue as the melanin pigment in their iris continues to develop.

Final Eye Colour Stage

Over the next several weeks, typically between six to eight weeks of age, the true eye colour of the kitten begins to emerge. This final eye colour can vary greatly, ranging from shades of blue, green, yellow, or even brown, depending on genetic factors and breed.

Factors Influencing Eye Colour Change


Genetics play a significant role in determining the colour of a kitten's eyes. Different genes control the production and distribution of melanin, the pigment responsible for eye colour. Therefore, kittens with parents of certain eye colours are more likely to inherit similar eye hues.

Breed Differences

Certain cat breeds are predisposed to specific eye colours. For instance, Siamese cats are known for their striking blue eyes, while breeds like the Scottish Fold may have a wide range of eye colours, including gold and copper.

Health Factors

Although rare, certain health conditions can impact eye colour changes in kittens. Infections, inflammation, or abnormalities in the eye structure can alter pigmentation or cause discolouration. It's essential to monitor any unusual changes in eye colour or appearance and consult a veterinarian if necessary.

a photograph of a kitten with very vivid eye colour

When Do Kittens' Eyes Change Colour?


The process of eye colour change in kittens is gradual and typically occurs within the first few weeks to months of life. By around two to three months of age, most kittens will have developed their final eye colour.

Signs of Eye Colour Change

As kittens grow, you may notice subtle shifts in their eye colour. What once appeared as a deep blue may transform into shades of green or gold. Observing these changes can be a delightful journey as you witness your kitten's transformation into adulthood.

Tips for Monitoring Eye Colour Changes

Keep a close eye on your kitten's eye development by observing any changes in colour, clarity, or discharge. Ensure proper nutrition and regular veterinary check-ups to support healthy eye development.

Understanding Eye Health in Kittens

Beyond aesthetic appeal, a kitten's eye colour can also indicate underlying health conditions. Redness, swelling, or discharge may signal infection or injury, necessitating prompt medical attention.


The enchanting process of kitten eye colour change adds to the wonder of pet ownership. By understanding the factors influencing this transformation, you can appreciate the beauty of your furry companion while ensuring their overall health and happiness.


  1. Can a kitten's eye colour change back to blue after it has changed to another colour?

    While it's rare, some kittens may experience temporary changes in eye colour due to factors like illness or medication. However, once the final eye colour has developed, it typically remains constant.

  2. Do all kittens' eyes change colour?

    Yes, virtually all kittens undergo some degree of eye colour change as they mature. However, the extent and timing of this change can vary depending on genetics and other factors.

  3. Can you predict a kitten's final eye colour based on its parents' eye colours?

    While genetics can provide some clues, it's not always possible to predict a kitten's final eye colour with certainty. Some kittens may inherit a blend of their parents' eye colours, resulting in unique hues.

  4. Are there any health concerns associated with abnormal eye colour changes in kittens?

    Yes, significant changes in eye colour, particularly accompanied by other symptoms like discharge or discomfort, may indicate underlying health issues. It's crucial to consult a veterinarian for proper diagnosis and treatment.

  5. How can I help my kitten maintain healthy eyes?

    Providing a balanced diet, regular grooming, and a clean environment can support your kitten's overall eye health. Additionally, scheduling routine veterinary check-ups ensures early detection and treatment of any eye-related concerns.

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