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Pet-Friendly Cleaning: How to Keep Your Pets Safe and Your Home Clean

As the weather gets colder and wetter, it’s becoming more challenging to keep our homes clean. From muddy paw prints to wet dog odours, both our pets and our homes need a little extra TLC in winter. But the cleaning products we typically use may be causing more harm than good.


Pet-Friendly Cleaning Products vs Household Cleaners

Many household cleaners contain harsh chemicals that can cause irritation. Ingredients, like bleach and ammonia, can be harmful to the whole family but pets are particularly vulnerable. Think about where your pet sleeps. When not in their bed or on the sofa, they may be lying on your kitchen tiles or wood flooring. Then think about what you use to clean it.

Household cleaners can irritate your pet’s skin and eyes, as well as damage their stomach and throat if ingested. Often chemical-based cleaners are also strong smelling which can upset your pet’s hypersensitive nose. While we must prevent bacteria and viruses in the home, natural alternatives will do this while keeping your pets safe.

Pet-friendly cleaning products are non-toxic and are often made using natural or plant-based ingredients. These natural ingredients cut through dirt and destroy bacteria without harming pets or the environment. We’ve developed a range of natural pet-friendly cleaning products using naturally derived essential oils. Hypoallergenic essential oils are gentle on pet’s skin to avoid any potential irritation while protecting our delicate eco-system.


Pet-Friendly Cleaning Tips

With the right products, it’s possible to be both pet-friendly and have a clean home. And it doesn’t have to be a constant battle between you and muddy paws. We’ve compiled our top tips to keep your home looking clean and smelling fresh.

Keep Mud Out

One sure way to keep your home clean is to keep your pet clean. If you have an energetic pet, this is by no means easy. But preventing your dog or cat from roaming through the house after they’ve been outside will make a huge difference.

Wiping their muddy paws and towel drying their wet coat will avoid the inevitable trail of paw prints on your beautifully clean carpets.

After a long muddy walk, a quick rinse will keep your dog’s coat cleaner between washes, reducing the amount of mud they trudge through the house. For dog’s that insist on diving into every puddle or pond in sight, our antibacterial dog shampoo is safe to use regularly.

It’ll tackle even the most horrendous wet dog smells.

Clean as You Go

When preventing a mess isn’t an option, clean up accidents as they happen.

Whether it’s mud or a tiddle on the carpet, cleaning stains quickly eliminates any unpleasant odours. A quick spritz of stain remover will destroy bacteria and leave a fresh smelling scent. To ensure it works, leave the stain remover to absorb for 5mins before wiping with a clean cloth.

Our pet stain remover is made with 100% essential oils, with no potentially harmful chemicals. It’s entirely safe for use around pets and on furniture, flooring and carpets.

Make Time for a Deep Clean

Particularly important at the moment, make time for a regular deep clean. This needn’t be a chore. A good vacuum cleaner and a disinfectant will do the job.

But disinfectant is arguably the most harmful. Often containing a cocktail of chemicals, including bleach, alcohol and ammonia, it’s effective but can be highly toxic.

We strongly advise against using a chemical-based disinfectant. If you do, thoroughly wipe any surfaces with water after using it to remove any residue. However, choosing a pet-safe disinfectant is a much safer option. Our pet-friendly disinfectant is made with natural enzymes and essential oils to destroy germs and bacteria safely.

Prevent Unwanted Pests

While many pests are more common during warmer months, don’t be fooled. Pesky bugs will find their way into warmer habitats, usually getting a free ride on your dog or cat. As we turn on our central heating, we’re offering the perfect breeding ground for fleas.

So, with that in mind, continue using flea repellent to protect your pet from discomfort. Flea repellent will not only protect your pet; it’ll prevent fleas from entering your cosy home.

To further protect your home and remove unwanted pests, use home pest spray. This has the added benefit of protecting against ticks, bed bugs and dust mites – all of which can cause skin irritation for the whole family.

Finally, remember... a home with a pet is a happier one, even if it is a little dirty sometimes!

Written by Sarah Leeds