a guilty looking cat in a garden


If you've ever found yourself at your wit's end, trying to figure out how to keep your feline friend's business out of your garden, you're not alone. It's a common problem many gardeners and cat owners face. So, let's dive into this issue head-on and explore some practical solutions to keep your garden clean and fresh.

The Root of the Problem: Why do Cats Choose Gardens?

Understanding why cats choose gardens as their personal lavatories can help us develop effective strategies to deter them. There are three main reasons:

Territory Marking

Cats are territorial creatures. They use their waste as a marker to communicate with other cats. It's their way of saying, "This is my turf, stay out!"

Hunting Ground

Gardens are full of fascinating creatures that cats love to chase and catch. When a cat spends time hunting in your garden, it will naturally need a place to do its business.

Natural Litter Box

The soft, loose soil in your garden resembles a perfect natural litter box for a cat. It's easy to dig in and cover up their waste afterward.

Steps to Discourage Cats from Pooping in the Garden

Plant Cat Repellent Plants

Certain plants like lavender, rosemary, and rue produce strong scents that cats find unpleasant. Planting these around your garden can be a natural way to deter cats.

Install a Motion-Activated Sprinkler

Cats dislike water. A motion-activated sprinkler can startle a cat entering your garden, making it think twice before returning.

Use Natural Cat Repellents

Commercially available cat repellents can also do the trick. Natural options, such as sprays containing citrus scents or pepper, can be effective and safe for both cats and plants.

Create a Designated Cat Area

If you have the space, consider creating a designated cat-friendly area. This could include a sandpit for them to use as a litter box, away from your precious plants.

Long-Term Solutions

Train Your Cat

Training your cat to use a litter box or to do its business in a specific area can take time but will be worth the effort. Patience, praise, and rewards are key here.

Consult with a Professional

If the problem persists, consulting with a pet behaviourist or a vet might be beneficial. They can provide expert advice tailored to your specific situation.

Final Thoughts

Solving the issue of cats pooping in the garden requires understanding the cat's behaviour, patience, and a variety of approaches. The strategies we've discussed should help you reclaim your garden, making it a no-go zone for cats' waste.


  1. Can I use chemicals to deter cats from my garden? While there are chemical products available, they may harm the cat and your garden. It's best to opt for natural, safe solutions.

  2. Will coffee grounds keep cats away from the garden? Coffee grounds can deter cats due to their strong smell, but they can be toxic to cats if ingested in large amounts.

  3. Do cats dislike any specific plants? Cats typically dislike plants with strong scents such as lavender, rue, and rosemary.

  4. Will a cat stop using my garden if I get a dog? While cats are generally wary of dogs, this might not stop all cats. Plus, it's a significant commitment to get a dog solely for this purpose.

  5. Can I train an older cat to use a litter box? Yes, with patience and consistency, older cats can be trained to use a litter box. It may just take a bit more time.

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