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When it comes to the emotional spectrum of our canine companions, we often think of joy, sadness, excitement, or fear. But have you ever wondered if dogs can experience embarrassment? In this article, we will explore the intriguing world of canine emotions and delve into whether dogs can truly feel embarrassed. We'll break down the science behind their behaviour, share heartwarming stories, and shed light on the unique ways dogs communicate their feelings.

Understanding Canine Emotions

The Complex World of Dog Emotions

Dogs are remarkable creatures with a rich emotional life. While their emotional range may not mirror ours precisely, they do exhibit a broad spectrum of feelings. These can include happiness, fear, anger, and even jealousy. But what about embarrassment?

Expressions and Body Language

To understand if dogs can get embarrassed, we must first decode their body language and expressions. Dogs communicate their emotions primarily through non-verbal cues. Tail wagging, ear positioning, and facial expressions all play a crucial role in conveying their feelings.

The Case for Embarrassment

Embarrassing Moments

While dogs might not blush like humans, they do find themselves in awkward situations that mimic embarrassment. Think about the times when your dog has knocked over a trash can or had an accident indoors. The guilty look they give you suggests they might be feeling a form of embarrassment or shame.

Social Creatures

Dogs are social animals that thrive on human interaction and approval. When they misbehave and receive scolding or disapproval, it can lead to behaviours that resemble embarrassment. They might lower their heads, tuck their tails, or avoid eye contact, much like a child who knows they've done something wrong.

The Counterargument

Lack of Self-awareness

On the other hand, some experts argue that dogs lack the self-awareness required to experience true embarrassment. They believe that dogs may exhibit submissive behaviour in response to negative feedback but do not genuinely feel shame or embarrassment as humans do.

Heartwarming Stories

Canine Quirkiness

Regardless of the debate surrounding their ability to feel embarrassment, dogs often surprise us with their quirks and unique personalities. Many pet owners have shared amusing anecdotes of their dogs' reactions to embarrassing situations, making us wonder if there's more to it than we think.

A gif of a dog looking guilty


In the end, the question of whether dogs get embarrassed remains a topic of debate. While they may exhibit behaviours that resemble embarrassment, it's challenging to determine if they truly feel it. What we can say for certain is that our canine companions have a remarkable capacity for emotions and a special place in our hearts.


  1. Can dogs really feel embarrassment?
    • While there is no conclusive evidence, some behaviours suggest dogs may experience something akin to embarrassment.
  2. How can I tell if my dog is embarrassed?
    • Look for signs like lowered head, tucked tail, or avoiding eye contact after misbehaviour.
  3. Is it possible to train a dog not to repeat embarrassing behaviours?
    • Yes, with patience and positive reinforcement, you can train your dog to avoid certain embarrassing actions.
  4. Do all dog breeds react the same way to embarrassing situations?
    • Each dog is unique, but most dogs will exhibit similar submissive behaviours when faced with disapproval.
  5. What should I do if I suspect my dog is experiencing embarrassment?
    • Show understanding, avoid harsh punishment, and focus on positive reinforcement to help your dog build confidence.

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