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The Cooper & Gracie journey started from an idea to protect and help pets effectively with natural, plant based remedies. When it comes to fleas, ticks and mites you may think strong chemical based products are the most effective but this is not always the case. Actually, some of the most effective pest repellants are actually 100% natural ingredients and we’ve created the perfect range to cover and protect you dog and home.

Do you every get nervous about applying harsh chemically based flea killing pest repellants to you pets skin? Wonder if it’s too much and may make you pet ill? Or even your family? It’s horrible seeing your pet irritated by harsh chemicals and smells, when you think it’s the only way to kill fleas and pests.

At Cooper & Gracie, we made it our mission to formulate an effective and non-irritant pest repellant that wouldn’t annoy or make your pet feel ill. We also wanted to make sure the range was convenient to use on all dogs, no matter the size or breed. 

Below, we go into some detail on our Flea, Tick, Bed Bugs, Mites & Mosquito repellants which we recommend, ideal for your dog and home.

Flea & Tick Shampoo For Dogs With Sensitive, Itchy Skin | 500ml

The best defence against fleas, ticks and other pests is prevention. Our 100% natural dog shampoo is safe to use on your dog as often as necessary, and is a great defence against fleas and ticks. It also washes away blood sucking pests, flea eggs, larvae and fleas at all stages when washing. We suggest you massages this shampoo deep into you dogs coat so it reaches the skin. It also smells great and doesn’t irritate your dogs skin. The unique formula also leaves a natural layer on the dogs coat so new pests cannot attach, with added shine properties, your dog will look stunning while protected. We suggest you use this flea shampoo along with our flea and tick spray, which you apply after bath time or before walks for the best defence. 

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Flea & Tick Spray For Dogs. Natural Pest Protection With Added Professional Conditioner | 500ml

The most convenient and effect natural flea, tick, grass mites and mosquitos protection with added conditioner on the market. We understand how hard it is to keep on top of pest prevention when walking your beloved pooch everyday, so we knew it was essential to create a convenient pest protection that can be applied regularly between washes. We advise this flea spray to be applied before walks or doggy social occasions for added protection against pests. It also has added conditioner that strengthens and gives a great shine with an additional natural protection, so new pests cannot attach onto the coat. The best shampoo to use alongside this flea stop spray is our flea and tick shampoo. 

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House Hold Pest Cleanse, Protection against Fleas, Ticks & Bed Bugs  | 500ML

When it comes to protecting your home against pests, we understand how serious infestations can spread. Our highly effective, chemical free house hold pest cleanse will protect your home against Fleas, Ticks, Bed Bugs and more. Safe to use around pets and children. We advise that you use this product with one of our pest repellants that can be directly applied to your dog, such as our best selling flea and tick shampoo. This will mean both home and pet will be protected. 

Use in a well ventilated room, once the first application has been done, top up once a week for added protection and long-lasting effectiveness. 

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Ear Cleaner For Dogs Anti-fungal, Anti-yeast Anti-bacterial Protection, including Ear Mites.

It’s horrible to see our beloved dog irritated, especially when it comes to their ears. We have formulated a natural remedy to help soothe and cleanse the inner and outer ear as part of good ear maintenance, our natural ear cleaner for dogs is a great protection against ear mites. Better than harsh chemically based products, this natural ear cleaner doesn’t irritate or cause reactions on the delicate inner ear. Once good ear maintenance is regularly being administered with our dog ear cleaner, dogs shaking ears will stop.

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All of our Flea, Tick & Pest Prevention Products are safe to use on Puppies.

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