Organic Patio & Decking Cleaner 1L | Non Toxic 100% Plant Derived Formula

  • A 100% NATURAL ORGANIC PATIO & DECKING CLEANER PRODUCT - An Eco Friendly Kind And Unique Patio & Decking Cleaner , An Ideal Cleaner For Driveways , Patio , Gravestone And Wooden Decking.

  • BEST PATIO & DECKING CLEANER - Suitable For Organic Systems Our Convenient Cleaner Protection Is Safe To Use Around Pets, Children And Wild Animals.

  • LONG LASTING NATURAL PROTECTION AGAINST FURTHER MOULD GROWTH- Our Very Specialist Formulation Offers Unrivaled Natural Protection For Your Driveway , Patio , Gravestone And Wooden Decking . Our Unique Design Will Treat And Protect Against Any Further Mould Growth. Safe For Organic Systems, It Will Not Harm Mother Nature's Eco System In Its Application And Is Incredibly Easy To Use. Our Product Is Proudly Non Toxic And Safe.

  • PET FRIENDLY ORGANIC CLEANER - To Get The Best Out Of Our Organic Patio And Decking Cleaner It Is Recommended To Shake Well After Formulating A Dilute Of 1:6 With Water Which Is 1 Litre Of Concentrate To Six Litres Of Water. Spray Around The Area You Wish To Treat For Mouldy Green Build Ups. Our Solution Is Safe To Be Used Neat It Can Be Reapplied If Needed. WARNING! Avoid Direct Contact With Plant Materials.

  • C&G ETHICAL FAMILY COMMITMENT: Proudly Hand Made In The Uk Using Socially Responsible Practices, Locally Sourced With Sustainable Ingredients, Our Cruelty Free Production And Eco-friendly Recyclable Packaging Comes With A 100% Money Back Guarantee, If You Don't Love Our Organic Patio & Decking Cleaner , Let Us Know And Receive A Full, No Questions Asked Refund. We Are A Small Family Owned Business Of Garden Lovers Committed To Making Great Products That Are Safe For You, Your Pets And Our Planet

Organic Patio & Decking Cleaner 1L | Non Toxic 100% Plant Derived Formula