At Cooper & Gracie, we are genuinely passionate about the welfare of animals. We care not only about the pets that are an integral part of our lives, but also the many forgotten, abused, and neglected creatures that need our help the most. It's with this profound love for all animals that we are thrilled to share our vitally important collaboration with Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries. This partnership brings together our shared values of love, kindness, and unyielding commitment to animal welfare.

Our Shared Vision

Our path crossed with Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries due to our aligned visions – a world where every creature, big or small, receives the love, respect, and care they deserve. Goodheart's exceptional dedication towards providing a safe haven for animals to live out their lives with dignity deeply resonated with our ethos. This mutual understanding sparked a relationship built on compassion, inspiring our exciting journey of giving back to the animal community.

A cat and a dog together at a windowsill

Our Collaborative Efforts

Together, we've embarked on a mission that transcends the mere selling of pet care products. Every purchase of our 100% natural and cruelty-free products directly contributes to the maintenance and development of the Goodheart sanctuaries. Each pound spent helps to ensure that all animals within these safe spaces can thrive, offering them an opportunity to enjoy a life of peace, away from the hardships they've encountered.

Our Unwavering Mission

At the heart of Cooper & Gracie lies an unwavering affection for pets and animals, a bond that is the very foundation of our brand. Our guiding beacon is the '10 Million Rescues' mission, a pledge we've made to touch the lives of 10 million rescue animals. We're not just here to make a profit; we're here to make a difference. From donating products and grooming services to monetary contributions, a significant portion of our earnings is funnelled into rescue centres across the globe.

The essence of our mission is to provide support for those animals who are often overlooked, the ones who need our help the most. With every single purchase you make, you become an indispensable part of our noble mission. It's more than just buying a product; it's about extending a helping hand to 10 million rescue animals. By choosing Cooper & Gracie, you're not just choosing quality pet care; you're choosing to uplift the lives of millions of animals around the world. Together, we're moving towards a brighter, kinder world - one rescue at a time.

Why We Chose Goodheart

We chose to partner with Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries for the sheer breadth of their work. Goodheart does not simply provide shelter for animals in need, but they also conduct insightful educational programs that serve to shift public perception about animal welfare. They epitomise hope, resilience, and kindness, values that Cooper & Gracie stand for. By choosing Goodheart, we've chosen a partner who is just as committed to changing animals' lives for the better as we are.

Your Role in This Collaboration

But this collaboration isn't just about us. It's about you, our loyal customers, too. Every time you choose to buy from our natural, 100% cruelty-free product range, you are choosing to make a significant difference. You're saying yes to sustainable animal care, endorsing the idea of living compassionately, and most importantly, contributing to the creation of a world that treats every animal with respect and dignity.

Closing Thoughts

At Cooper & Gracie, our collaboration with Goodheart Animal Sanctuaries is not merely a partnership; it's a heartfelt alliance for a shared cause. Every purchase you make supports our collective efforts to give countless animals the life they deserve. Your trust in our products is transforming lives every day, making the world a little bit kinder, a little more compassionate, and a lot more hopeful. Let us continue to walk this path of love, together.