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      Welcome to our 100% Natural and Cruelty Free Dog Range, Discover the Kindest, Ethically Sourced And Lovingly Hand Made Blends Created Especially For Dogs, Our Full Selection of Dog Grooming And Care Products Is All You need.
      From £12.99

      Our Hemp Active Oil Supplement is a tasty treat that can be added to your pets food, it actively soothes joints whilst aiding agility and mobility. 100% natural, Cruelty Free and Organic. ✔COMPLETE DAILY PET JOINT CARE WITH TURMERIC: Our Hemp Joint...

      From £10.99

      Our Hemp Calming Oil is perfect for stressed out pets. It can be applied directly to the chest of your dog or cat to instantly aid in calming. It can also be added to a room diffuser aiding your pets...

      From £9.99

      Our hemp anxiety pet spray is a blessing for pet owners who want to manage their pets stress and Anxiety Naturally. It can aid with aggressive behaviours like scratching, barking and chewing. NO MORE STRESS: An Aggressive Nervous Pet Can Be Source...

      From £12.99

      Our Hemp Active Joint Support Gel is a breakthrough natural muscle and joint gel. A blessing for those who want to keep their pet active and energetic in all stages of their life.  HEMP AID JOINT SUPPORT GEL: Every Pet Owner...

      From £12.99

      Our Hemp Active Joint Care Spray is perfect for pets that love to stay active. Quick absorption with instant aiding on stiff muscles and joints. The natural properties of Hemp seed oils also calms anxiety and stress.  ULTIMATE HEMP AID FOR...