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At Cooper and Gracie, we want only the best for our pets. And that includes making sure they get all the nutrients they need to be happy and healthy. Our supplements range has been formulated by vets to support your dog or cat’s health at every stage, from puppies and kittens through to adulthood.

To help you maintain your pet’s health, we’ve made ordering easy with our subscribe and save service. All you have to do is select the supplements your pet needs, and we’ll do the rest. Receive tasty, nutritious treats to your door for when your pet needs them most – all at 20% off.

Why choose Cooper and Gracie?

With pet food, often taste comes first, and nutrition comes second. Our supplements are not only delicious; we’ve packed them with vitamins and minerals designed to support your pet’s health. We use only natural, cruelty-free and sustainably sourced ingredients that are safe to use every day. Free from dairy, wheat, grains and oats, our supplements are suitable even for sensitive tums.

The Benefits

  • Cost-effective - save 20% on every order
  • Hassle-free – receive supplements on time when your pet needs them, without having to lift a finger
  • No commitment – change, pause or cancel your order at any time

How it Works

1. Browse our selection of dog and cat supplements
2. Add your choice of subscription to your basket
3. Receive supplements straight to your door, when your pet needs them