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      Welcome to our 100% Natural and Cruelty Free Dog Range, Discover the Kindest, Ethically Sourced And Lovingly Hand Made Blends Created Especially For Dogs, Our Full Selection of Dog Grooming And Care Products Is All You need.
      From £14.99

      UK's NUMBER 1 BEST SELLING NATURAL FLEA AND TICK SHAMPOO FOR DOGS: Our Organic Dog Flea Shampoo is a customer favourite. Our natural flea treatment is a truly specialist blend and the perfect pest remover for small and large dogs. The...

      From £14.99

      C&G FLEA SPRAY FOR DOGS We use only the highest quality natural essential oils blends and you can expect superb flea and tick protective qualities from our product. A NATURAL WAY TO PROTECT YOUR PET FROM FLEAS AND TICKS  Minimises...

      From £9.99

      Our highly effective, chemical free house hold pest cleanse will protect your home against Fleas, Ticks, Bed Bugs and more. Safe to use around pets and children. We advise that you use this product with one of our pest repellants...

      From £8.99

      INTESTINAL HYGIENE? NOT AN ISSUE ANYMORE: Unlike Ordinary Chemical Based Formula Our Specialist Unique Blend Is Not Only Amazing For Routine Maintenance Of Intestinal Hygiene, Also Aid Toward A Healthier And More Vibrant Wellbeing Of Your Pet BETTER THAN HARD TO...

      From £14.99

      HEAVY DUTY PEST CLEANSE FOR CARPET CLEANING - Wash Away Pest With A Pet Safe Eco Friendly And Unique Carpet Cleaner, Natural Enzymes Combat Bad Pet Smells Whilst Our Unique Blend Will Also Wash Away Fleas, Dust Mites, Bed Bugs,...